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Jorge Zafra has been a student in our work for the last 5 years. I have witnessed his ability to move energy in his body, and channel that energy from the field, into a coherent frequency, and with an elevated energy that causes people to respond and to heal. His ability has led him to leave the conventional world of engineering, to give up that life, for his commitment and his passion to heal others. He’s an expert in his field!

- Dr. Joe Dispenza

Researcher, Lecturer and best selling author of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself You are the Placebo Making Your Mind Matter and Becoming Supernatural. One of the scientists featured in the award-winning film What the BLEEP Do We Know!?



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Thyroid, Adrenal and Digestive Health

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Meditate and Release

Connie and Jorge will be at the New Living Expo

April 26 - 28, 2019

San Mateo Event Center
1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo, CA

Join Jorge in his free talk

"Living Your Light - The Power Within"

Saturday April 27, 2019 (5:00pm to 5:45 pm)

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Disconnect from your life, Reconnect with your soul



We combine the healing power of medicinal plants with divine loving energy. The infusion of this energy with the guided combination of herbs, allows the herbal blends to be much more effective and more healing to the body and soul.


Intuitive Holistic Health and Healthy Living

Are you wondering if there is someone who can help you?

This is the place for you, if you:

  1. have seen numerous health care practitioners and you still struggle with lack of energy or different health issues
  2. have been told you have to take medicine for the rest of your life
  3. feel stressed, anxious, depressed or sad and don’t know how to get out of that state
  4. have been wanting to lose weight for a long time, tried every diet out there with little or no success
  5. lack energy and focus to do the things you used to love doing
  6. have been told that because of your age it’s normal to have pain and gain weight, so you have given up on the idea of being healthy and/or slender
  7. lack a sense of purpose or don’t have clarity about you came into this life to do
  8. need help understanding how to improve your lifestyle, food, spirit, mind, and body to live happier and at peace.
  9. are you ready to explore alternative medicine and emotional therapies to learn how to heal your body and take control over your own health

Our practice uses what we call Intuitive Holistic Health and alternative medicine to determine what your body needs to heal, based on your physical, energetic, and emotional makeup. This process usually helps unveil the root cause of any health issue or symptom you may be experiencing. Using this method allows us to create a completely customized protocol that brings profound healing. The protocol provides a combination of nutritional, digestive, glandular, lifestyle changes, and additional supplementation and detoxification recommendations to address the root cause(s) of your health issues. A lot of times emotional factors compound the physical issues. These emotional energies are also addressed as part of the healing process. The success rate of this approach is extremely high as it focuses on the root cause of your health issues and symptoms, providing the right medicines to heal. As a result, the Intuitive Holistic Analysis and Protocols are very effective and personalized for each individual. Most clients experience great results in just a few weeks.

Connie Zafra, Board Certified HHP and Medical Intuitive

Energy Healing and Counseling

Life offers multiple challenges on which in many occasions we are not necessarily ready to overcome. Some of these challenges lead us into traumatic experiences, that will mark us for the rest of our lives. These experiences will make us feel emotions that could hurt and make us sick and, will contribute to build the person that we are today.

With our counseling sessions we will help you change your present and live the life you deserve. We can help you if you feel:

  1. lost with no sense of direction
  2. with no motivation
  3. anxious
  4. stressed
  5. unworthy
  6. depressed
  7. aggressive
  8. temperamental
  9. angry
  10. having difficulty with relationships (spouse, children, relatives, co-workers)
  11. lack of direction in your life

With our counseling sessions we can help you eliminate such behavioral patterns that in most cases are addictive. We will provide you with many elements to use in your daily life, to change and completely remove all thoughts and emotions that are driving you to be who you are today. We will give you the tools to change and build real relationships with the ones you love, and with the people that you interact. In our counseling practice, we use techniques that will help you release your self from your past and give you opportunity to build the life that you deserve.

We also provide energy healing services to help heal your physical body from illness that has been generated by emotions of the past. Our approach to channel divine energy will help you boost the generation of positive emotions and create positive thoughts that will promote health in your body. If you experience chronic migraines, nerve pain in different parts of your body, physical trauma, potential surgery, etc., this channeling of divine energy will help you elevate your body’s frequency and promote healing in all areas of your body.

Jorge Zafra, High Frequency Healing and Counseling


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High Quality Nutrition and Skin Care Supplements


Our Commitment Is To Help You Awaken To Live

a Healthy and Happy Life


Polarity Correction

When our electromagnetic field is disrupted, healing will not be as successful. This is why,...Read More
April 12, 2018

Six Principles to Live By

The Six Priorities in Life that God Wants Us to Live By Channeled by Jorge...Read More
October 13, 2017

Detox Smoothie

During the Holidays our bodies carry more inflammation, become more acidic and contain higher levels...Read More
October 12, 2017

How 3 minutes of Sun can Change Your Life

Exposing your body to the sun has amazing health benefits, it can help improve skin...Read More
October 12, 2017


Surrender Meditation

I’ve lived a hard life for so many years. Everyone told me that I just need to let go. So simple… just let go. But how can you let go if you don’t know what you are holding on to?. One morning on my way to work as I was driving, I started to feel… Read more “Surrender Meditation”

Shannon Christopher

Healing retreat

Many things exist in the world that have the power to help us remember and find our divine balance and connection. Connie and Jorge are truly masters at helping people of all walks to find that balance to heal what medicine and society deem helpless causes. Before I met Connie and Jorge my health was… Read more “Healing retreat”

Trinn Allen Hatch

God is in charge

If you ever find yourself on this site count your blessings. God himself by grace have brought you here for healing on all your aspects of your life. You are being blessed beyond your wildest dreams. Connie and Jorge are the incarnation of love in this world and the pure channel of God miracles. Before… Read more “God is in charge”


Emotional release

The session I had with Connie was very helpful. During the session, I could feel energy in my body moving, which I thought was pretty amazing since the session was being done remotely. It was a little bit like having an in-person Reiki session, even though it was done at a distance. I noticed things… Read more “Emotional release”


Deep healing

Dear Jorge, The healing you gave me is truly amazing. I have been feeling much more energetic, lighter, more hopeful and very, very grateful. This sweet sense of light and renewal has continued steadily over the days since and I feel almost certain that it will integrate into new energy levels going forward. It has… Read more “Deep healing”

Sally Ann Crosby

The Real Deal!!

“If you are wondering if this place is what it seems, can they do what they say, take it from a stranger, You are at the right place. They are truly special, divinely gifted, caring, and are annointed by the divine creator to help loss souls…like me, maybe you. I’m just glad I stopped surfing,… Read more “The Real Deal!!”


I feel so much lighter after the emotional release sessions

“It’s a relief to have the negative stuff I’ve picked up disappear. Connie and Jorge are some of the kindest most effective healers I’ve worked with over the years. ”


I’m so grateful to Connie and Jorge for all their help with my spiritual growth, and my family matters as well.

Thanks to Connie and Jorge, I feel more aware of the spiritual wonders that we all are part of. I feel protected and secure having Connie and Jorge as mentors in my spiritual journey, because what they do comes from their heart and pure intention of helping you reach inner growth. In all of their… Read more “I’m so grateful to Connie and Jorge for all their help with my spiritual growth, and my family matters as well.”

Francisca Ramirez

Life Changing Experience

Healing Retreat What a truly blessed team of gifted Divine Warriors. If there is one experience to be shared it is the healing team of Connie and Jorge. The purest form of unconditional love to help you along on your journey.


Healing Miracle

I have a story to share about a Healing Miracle that has Blessed our family via two beings of Light, Connie and Jorge that work closely with the Masters and Archangels to relieve the pain and suffering of mankind. My husband became critically ill four years ago, with difficulty breathing. He was admitted to the… Read more “Healing Miracle”

Elizabeth Doctor R.N.

R. T

Remote Holistic Health Analysis and Protocol I asked my doctor for a recommendation since I was showing very little improvement with my nutritionist.  He told me to contact Connie, and with her guidance these past few months  I am feeling better, much stronger, and overall making good improvement.  She is a gifted, intuitive nutritionist and… Read more “R. T”

R. T

Neal A.

Remote Holistic Health Analysis and Protocol, Clearing sessions. “Connie’s help has made a HUGE positive impact on my overall health and well-being. She is a clear channel with complete integrity and deep personal experience. The work she has guided me to do has been flat out transformative for my physical health and my life. If… Read more “Neal A.”

Neal A.

Carol F.

Holistic Health Analysis and Protocol, Clearing and Healing sessions. “This April 2016 I was getting ready to celebrate my 71st birthday. In the past year and a half I had steadily gained weight, and progressively felt worse and more tired each day. My energy was low and I had brain fog a lot. I was… Read more “Carol F.”

Carol F.

S. G.

Holistic Health Analysis and Protocol, Clearing and Healing sessions. “In truth, Connie and Jorge are the very best healers of the highest vibration I have ever found after having worked with numerous healers around the world over the past thirty years. Having reached the point I was about ready to just give up by Divine… Read more “S. G.”

S. G.

Barry Nelson

Group Healing Session. “One of the most important times of my life. I was there in Sedona…We all are raw ingrediates to make ourselves flow with God’s Love and Healing energy. Jorge’s energy puts aside what your preconceived ideas about what is and is not possible. Its rare to meet a spiritual being of such… Read more “Barry Nelson”

Barry Nelson


Multiple In-Person and Remote Sessions. “My healing sessions with Connie and Jorge–spirit release, entity removal, soul retrieval, Pure Source healing–have helped me to raise my vibration and let go of negative thought patterns and bad habits. I have become more relaxed, positive, and lighter since working with them. Connie and Jorge are genuine, compassionate, and… Read more “J.S.”

J. S.

T. C.

Soul Retrieval (Remote). “Connie, I really appreciate this beautiful work, I felt a lot on my end, and I feel amazing right now. I know I cannot do this on my own.  So grateful. One by one there were a succession of people showing up in front of me, and I assume they are all… Read more “T. C.”

T. C.

Ann P.

Pure Source Energy Healing (Remote). I contacted Jorge to help with a friend who has stage 4 sarcoma cancer. I asked him to work on my friend so that we could either help my friend to heal or have an easier transition. It was amazing to get the feedback from Jorge after the first session… Read more “Ann P.”

Ann P.

Jeannette R.

Energy Assessment (Remote), Holistic Analysis and Protocol. “I had an Energy assessment done remotely from Connie and Jorge. I was in disbelieve about most of the parts, spiritual and physical, nothing made sense. It was until Connie told me something that happened to me a week before, she said Archangel Raphael showed it to her.… Read more “Jeannette R.”

Jeannette R.

Patrizia O.

Emotional Release (Remote). I contacted Connie and Jorge initially to ask about improvement with my health and I received a response quickly & professionally within 48hrs of my initial email. So far, I’ve had the spirit release where living in Australia, the time zone can be a little tricky. Connie and Jorge were so friendly,… Read more “Patrizia O.”

Patrizia O.

Judee H.

Amazing work!. I have found Connie and Jorge to have the highest integrity and most sincere desire to help people move beyond their blocks. Their work is deep and profound and unlike any other work that I have experienced. Thank you!

Judee H.

S. P.

Emotional Release (Remote). Thank you, Connie, for all that you do. I always feel better after the sessions. After the first session, I felt lighter for a few days. After the second session, I felt a shift in my energy – generally less fatigue and more energy. This session was a little different for me… Read more “S. P.”

S. P.


Emotional Release (Remote). It started as a fusion of blue and purple lights like a vortex it was light but not bright, Then i saw a light start to grow and then a second and a third and so on. I saw a man and woman placing things on me and washes of positive energy… Read more “T.H.”



Emotional Removal (Remote). “I felt a bit of nervous energy right before the session, but it shifted and calmed down right away after the session started. I’m sure that the energy you sent helped calm that nervous energy. The difference was notable. I felt body sensations throughout most of the session, moving from time to… Read more “S.P.”


K. Davis

Pure Source Energy Healing (Remote). Thank you very much for the healing.  It was amazing. Right away I felt as if someone had put a hot rock on my right palm and I felt pressure.  It did feel like someone was holding my hands and I could feel heat between our palms.  I then felt… Read more “K. Davis”

K. Davis

T. S.

Pure Source Energy Healing (Remote). “Hi, Jorge and Connie. Yesterday roughly at 3:58 P.M. right before the healing session, I was guided to a video of a little 8 yr. old girl that had lost her leg and yet continued to dance. I do not believe that this was a coincidence; the theme of the… Read more “T. S.”

T. S.

B. N.

Emotional Release (Remote). “Dear Connie, Yes, I sure did feel the spirit release. Interesting that you saw me as a baby. I believe this is result of carrying for children for millions of lifetimes. I have and still do street children projects. In Brazil the military police hunt them and shoot them even as young… Read more “B. N.”

Barry Nelson

Francis Ramirez

Remote Holistic Analysis and Protocol for Mold toxicity, Candida, Adrenals and Thyroid issues. “I’ve tried for many years, and looked everywhere ways to lose weight, and to find my purpose in life. Thanks to Connie and Jorge, I have found the best and most enjoyable way to achieve my spiritual and physical goals. I have lost… Read more “Francis Ramirez”

Francis Ramirez

M. D.

Healing and Great Health are a Choice (Remote). “Divinity for Life is a huge blessing and tremendous gift. Words alone can not capture the heartfelt gratitude and peace I have knowing my horses’ best interest, emotional and physical needs are being watched over, meditated on and spiritually guided. The information that was shared after one… Read more “M. D.”

M. D.

C. G.

Emotional Release (Remote). “After the session with you my body felt energized the first two or three hours…then I was very tired and achy. I went to bed early and slept well. Then the next day in the morning I was very emotional. By early afternoon I started to feel really good and more solid… Read more “C. G.”


Tom Watt

A profound experience (Energy Healing). “I have been in the process of a spiritual paradigm shift with respect to my own personal beliefs, creation theory, and my relationship to Source. Nothing up to this point has ever affected me in a healing environment the way the second session did. I am still processing and integrating… Read more “Tom Watt”

Tom Watt

Katia Sanchez

Remote Healing for Fibromyalgia and Hashimotos. “Since having fibromyalgia and Hashimotos for the last 4 years I have been living in pain and with lack of energy. After the pure source energy healing session, I felt a lot of energy and well-being. Connie and Jorge were so wonderful and I am full of gratitude. The… Read more “Katia Sanchez”

Katia Sanchez

Khadia Handon

Spiritual Counseling and Energy Healing. “This was truly one of the most liberating experiences of my life !! My cousin and I took a spontaneous trip to Sedona one week and deep down I was craving to have an energy healing even though I didn’t know much about it. All I knew was that I was… Read more “Khadia Handon”

Khadia Handon

Alma Cochran

Remote Pure Source Energy Healing for Down syndrome and Autism. “My child has Down syndrome and autism; her quality of life has already started to change with the help and guidance of Connie and Jorge’s use of Pure Source energy healing and the recommended changes in her diet. She is 12 years old, nonverbal and agitated due to… Read more “Alma Cochran”

Alma Cochran

Peter Wollheim

Pure Source Energy Healing for Chronic Back injury. “In August 2013, I fell on a rock in Oak Creek and badly hurt my lower back.  For 18 months I was in chronic pain.  During that time, in addition to x-rays, I received acupuncture, massage, chiropractic and myropractic care, at the cost of thousands of dollars. … Read more “Peter Wollheim”

Peter Wollheim

Katharina Martinka

Pure Source Healing for Chronic Sciatica Pain. “My sincere gratitude goes out to Connie and Jorge for healing my sciatica pain. I had been suffering for 3 1/2 years with debilitating discomfort and a tear in one of my discs. After two sessions with these magnificent healers, my pain went away. Thank you so much!”

Katharina Martinka

Jane Barthelemy

Remote Pure Source Energy Healing. “I feel much better after your healing. While I am doing many things simultaneously to heal, I felt immediate improvement after your healing. For example, I feel less sluggishness in my gut, more positive attitude toward life, less self-sabotage in my thoughts. I am more disciplined to do my daily… Read more “Jane Barthelemy”

Jane Barthelemy

Dyan Garris

Remote Pure Source Energy Healing for Stroke “Jorge and Connie did an amazing healing on my husband who had suffered another stroke. He had previously been unable to walk from the bed to the bathroom and was also suffering great anxiety. After their distance healing he improved greatly and immediately. For the first time he was able… Read more “Dyan Garris”

Dyan Garris

Leslie Simon

Pure Source Energy Healing for Chronic migraines. “When I first contacted Jorge and Connie, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But what I did know is modern medicine had nothing for me at the moment. I had recently been in the ER from the side effects of a new drug I was given for migraines. The… Read more “Leslie Simon”

Leslie Simon

Jose Serna

Spiritual Counseling. “Connie, introduced me into the meditation world and explained to me all the steps in detail of what had to be done and what to expect while meditating. She also introduced me to a person who helped me relieve a spirit that I had in me. By doing so I started to do more… Read more “Jose Serna”

Jose Serna

Claudia Sarabia Warman

Nutritional Counseling. “When I met Connie, I had a vegan diet and I was feeling sick. The diet was not working for me. She immediately showed interest in my health. She showed me how to eat healthier with a more balanced diet. She emailed me back and forth with new ideas of how to eat… Read more “Claudia Sarabia Warman”

Claudia Sarabia Warman

Jose Serna

Nutritional Counseling. “I am a software developer and I spend most of my day sitting down in front of a monitor. I was trying to loose weight and my theory was to just work out a lot and burn as much calories as I could to loose weight. But in fact I was not seeing… Read more “Jose Serna”

Jose Serna

Julianna Joyce Fehér and Little dog Bitsy

Pure Source Energy Healing for Hydrocephaly, Non-functioning liver, Deformed spine. “The blessed day I first encountered Connie and Jorge Zafra is a day for which I will ever be grateful. I was walking my precious little dog, Bitsy, and anyone seeing the way she walks would immediately know that something is not quite right. My… Read more “Julianna Joyce Fehér and Little dog Bitsy”

Julianna Joyce Fehér and Little dog Bitsy

Kathleen Guyton Hall

Spiritual Counseling. “If you are very fortunate, you may meet a person like Connie once in your life. I had been stuck in a cycle of negative attitudes and their results when she entered mine. Connie showed me a different way to look at my experiences. She showed me that I am more than my… Read more “Kathleen Guyton Hall”

Kathleen Guyton Hall

Debra Makowski

Pure Source Energy Healing. “I have had the grateful opportunity to have reaped the benefits of Jorge and Connie’s healing abilities not just once, but twice now.  I was introduced to my new friends by a walk around the block in my neighborhood.  I had no idea that I lived in close proximity to people… Read more “Debra Makowski”

Debra Makowski


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Take advantage and schedule your Energy Scan for only $99.00 for a limited time.

Jorge and Connie will meditate to scan your Energetic body. The Energy Scan will also surface some physical and emotional health issues that need your attention. This information will connect the dots to help you understand what is blocking your healing and your life, and the reason of your physical and/or emotional health issues.

The Energy Scan will provide a plan to effectively heal your body and soul, based on the information obtained from the Divine. This is an optional plan offered based on the guidance received, to help you heal your body and life. Regardless of what you decide, the information provided in the scan will empower you to determine how to address your health and personal issues.