Connie’s Bio:

Connie Zafra has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. She spent twenty tree years on the software industry, then crossed over into the holistic world and became a Board certified holistic practitioner. Several years ago she co-founded Divinity for Life, a company that focuses on alternative healing modalities for all genders and ages.

During this time, Connie started connecting to the Angelic realm and started receiving very precise guidance from Archangel Raphael. Because of this wonderful guidance, Connie is able to pinpoint the root cause of her clients’ health issues, and create a guided health analysis and a detailed very effective protocol that restores the overall health in a matter or months or even weeks.

Connie also started channeling God’s energy while performing clearing sessions. She uses this energy of Love to clear all kinds of Energetic and Health issues in clients. Connie is trained and certified in Holistic health, and working towards her MS in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine at the UWS. Connie specializes in weight, chronic disease, adrenal, thyroid and endocrine system issues in general; as well as blood sugar, digestive, inflammation issues, candida, leaky gut, fibromyalgia, hormonal and fungi issues in men in women. She currently sees clients all over the world, and locally at her home office in Sedona, AZ.

For holistic health sessions, Connie works with Archangel Michael and channels all health and healing information from Archangel Raphael, to address effectively her client’s health issues and restore health to the fullest.

Jorge’s Bio:

Jorge Zafra is a pure channel of Divine and Pure Source energy. He has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering and spent 23 years working in different industries. After having a supernatural experience in which he received the gift of channeling Divine energy, and having witnessed how this incredible energy benefits people, he decided to leave the corporate world and dedicate himself to using this energy for healing. At that point, he and his wife Connie, founded Divinity for Life, a company dedicated to using and combining their individual professional backgrounds, healing gifts and talents to help people improve their health and transform their lives.

Jorge does not consider himself a healer, he serves as a conduit of energy; he opens his heart, mind, emotions and spirit and lets this powerful energy flow, by simultaneously allowing himself to be guided to provide healing energy to specific areas of the human body and soul. Jorge’s Divine energy channeling is very strong and powerful. He calls upon God and different Archangels in particular Archangel Raphael, to provide the Divine energy, which helps people elevate their frequency, promoting self-healing as well as overcoming a variety of physical and emotional issues. Jorge’s work has an incredible impact on people’s life. Since he started in this journey in late 2014, Jorge has performed hundreds of healings, where he has worked on people with different health issues, such as chronic pain, down syndrome, fibromyalgia, nerve pain, brain damage, and many more. He also works with different animals such as horses and dogs

Connie and Jorge work together on a daily basis with our lord Jesus Christ, Archangel Michael, Raphael, and Uriel during the Pure source energy healing sessions. They also work with all the Archangels and thousands of angels on a regular basis, when doing Spirit releases and Dark force removal sessions.

Connie and Jorge enjoy being parents to their 16-year-old crystal daughter and 14-year-old rainbow son, who frequently help during energy healings as they are naturally gifted in this area as well.

Jorge’s supernatural Energy Experience –

Jorge attended an Advanced Meditation Workshop in Colorado. During the workshop Jorge had an incredible experience while doing one of the meditations, in which both his arms where pulled up to the sky and his feet were pulled down to the ground by a tremendous flow of energy moving through his body and coming out through his hands. Jorge felt like thousands and thousands of volts were flowing through his body pulling his extremities in opposite directions and exiting through his hands. The force was so strong, that Jorge was unable to put his arms down throughout the whole meditation, giving him no choice other than surrendering to it and trying to hold tight until the meditation concluded. Jorge had no idea what was happening to him, he was scared and at the same time excited since he was feeling and experiencing something completely supernatural.

During the workshop and after having the first energy experience, Jorge continued feeling and experiencing the same supernatural force meditation after meditation. His body felt completely overwhelmed with energy. His hands felt like if they weighed 100 pounds and were as thick as bricks. Jorge felt like he was touching the tips of his fingers when his hands were separated about four feet away.

After this experience in the meditation workshop Jorge was overwhelmed and was not sure what to do with the blessing that he was given. It was until about six months later in another meditation workshop in Arizona, in which Jorge realized what he needed to do:

I could not continue working as an engineer knowing that I had a wonderful gift from that which I could be used as a conduit of divine energy to heal people. If God has chosen me, he has done it for a reason, and I cannot just go through this life without fulfilling my purpose.

Check out the video of Jorge’s testimonial at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshop, where he describes how he received the gift of Divine Energy healing during a meditation.

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