Remote Home Mold Detection

Remote Home Mold Detection and Location

Mold is very common in our homes. In many cases it does not represent an issue. But, when mold goes undetected and starts spreading out in different parts of our house, specially inside roofs and ceilings, walls and sheet-rock, underneath tile, carpets or sinks; all these as a result of condensations, leaks, cracks, etc., mold could become a severe issue that could represent a very serious health threat to our entire family. Family members could react in different ways to the presence of mold in a home, but all these could lead your family into a serious of health issues that could be extremely difficult to overcome which could take months or even years to completely eliminate.

Through divine guidance we can help you determine if your house is a source of mold that could be threatening the health of your family and pinpoint all the locations on which mold is present at high and low levels. This detection process is very valuable, because it will be the starting point to help you figure out a plan of action to completely eliminate mold from your home and start a healing process for your entire family.

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Home Mold Detection Comments

Thank you so much for the information! That is wonderful news about the fact that the house has no more mold! It’s important that this house be healthy for everyone. I would not want the next owner to have to go through what we are dealing with.
We are getting closer to listing. We had the garage mitigated for mold, and it required a new roof for the garage due to all the wood rot. It also passed the mold test for the 2 companies on the project.