Spiritual Counseling – Remote or In Person

Spiritual Counseling Remote or in Person

A Spiritual Counseling session helps you understand the phase or phases you are going through and provide guidance as what are the next steps to take to start or continue in your spiritual journey. Sometimes it seems things are getting worse before they get better when we embark on a spiritual path, or we feel we lack a connection to source, or we are in a crossroad and need guidance to decide what road to take on.

Jorge and Connie meditate and receive guidance to pass on the messages that you need to hear to move forward in life. They’ll gather the information that will help bring light into the issue or issues you are facing.

The Spiritual Consultation can be done remotely via Skype, FaceTime or Phone, or in person.

Pay your Spiritual Counseling by clicking on the button on the right. To schedule your appointment call us at 928.239.11.39 or email us at info@divinityforlife.com

Spiritual Counseling Comments

Thank you so much. It’s always so comforting when we hear the Divine’s view of the situation.It also helps me a lot as I sometimes have difficulty envisioning moving out of this space.
Thank you!