The Power of Releasing Negative Energies

Tuesday at 3 PM Pacific, September 12, 2017

Thought Genius

Tapping Into The Power of Divine Healing, Wisdom and Love

Friday at 10 AM Pacific, March 25, 2016

Do you struggle with health issues? Does your life feel like it is off track? What if you could discover something so powerful that it encompasses the entire universe. In this episode, Dr. Fannin’s guests, Connie and Jorge Zafra will explore these questions and more. They will help you understand and learn how to use the power of meditation for Healing and Manifestation. They will help you connect with your truth so you can find the health, joy, freedom and complete satisfaction in creating your own reality the way that you intended it to be.

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Connie and Jorge and Dr. Jeffrey Fannin at the VoiceAmerica Studios in Phoenix, AZ.