Sacred Healing Ceremony

A powerful opening Sacred Christian and Native American Ceremony, that will help us connect with our Divine essence. This Sacred Ceremony brings participants into a high vibrational state that allows to establish a divine connection with Source, our guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and any Divine being of light supporting the ceremony. The ceremony is completely focused on healing at all levels, physical, spiritual and emotional, to clear energies from our bodies and awaken like nothing you have experienced before. 

During the Sacred Ceremony Connie will channel the energy from Source to clear energies in the participant’s energy field and body; she will also clear energies from the space where the ceremony is taking place. Jorge will channel God and Christ’s energy to send healing to all participants, protect the space and help with the healing process during the ceremony

Come together as we support one another in community, coming home to the truth and divine essence that lives within us.

Ceremony is open only to 6 individuals

We will gently be held in a private setting in Sedona Arizona, surrounded by the serene presence of the Red Rocks.

A nourishing organic vegetarian meal is included

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Exchange: 1-day ceremony w/vegetarian lunch – $300.oo/person

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Thank you both sooo much for such a vert special and incredible experience….Divine experience.
It can bring tears to my eyes when I relive some of the experiences. I knew you were both doing incredible work
 for the heavenly realm…but yesterday I saw it at a soul level…..You are both being showered with Blessings
and it caused great joy for the Beings of Light as the mis-creations caused by humanity must be corrected by humanityand they are forever ready to give us all the help we need.
We will partake in the next Healing Ceremony…and look forward to it.

Being able to participate in this Sacred ceremony has changed me profoundly.  My self, the “I” disappeared, felt one with everything and everyone including nature. Downloaded meaningful information from Source, changing my perspective about people and situations around me. My third eye started opening while the ceremony and in the following days I’ll been having amazing visions and experiences.  Spiritual growth is rapidly accelerated.
The Divine showed me my blood flow, veins and cells, some of the cells were opened and I was able to see the universe inside them, a dark substance was being pulled from inside the cells, I ‘knew’ it was something I’ll been carrying from many lifetimes, then those cells were closed and the blood flow was working better than before.
The sacred space that Connie and Jorge provide besides their healing work it’s besides beautiful incredible powerful.
Many things have been changed for me after the ceremony,  it’s difficult to express all experiences in just a few lines.
I am more than grateful and can’t wait to participate in the next one. 

I learned so much about myself and met an ascended master, who so lovingly guided the release of fears and shadows, and who reminded me of my innate divine nature.  
There is much work to be done, but I am so grateful that I’m able to see the light within and cultivate it.  I feel stronger.   I’m so grateful for these experiences.