We are constantly being bombarded with negative emotions that are created by ourselves or others,  that make us feel bad about our life, ourselves, our job, our finances, our friends, family, etc.. We give lots of time and importance to all this negativity to a point that it becomes so strong that we actually believe that this negativity defines us. These negative emotions are blocking our happiness and health. We do not need them and we should eliminate them from our body and mind.

It is very important to make an effort every day to release ourselves from this kind of emotions. Below we describe a technique that you could use in meditation or at any time during the day, to help you eliminate negative emotions that are blocking your happiness and health.

The technique includes 4 main steps and one preliminary step.

    1. Acknowledge the negative emotion that you want to release. (preliminary)
    2. Take ownership and responsibility of the negative emotion and accept that it is yours.
    3. Release your emotion.
    4. Reject your emotion by relying and trusting in the divine.
    5. Transmute such emotion into light.

During meditation or at any time during the day, acknowledge the emotion you are trying to release and in your mind say the following:

I release myself from my emotion* and I reject my emotion* in the name of God and send it to mother earth to transmute into light.

* Substitute the word emotion with the actual emotion you are intending to release.

Here are some examples of negative emotions that we could release:

  • Frustration, Irritation, Impatience, Overwhelm
  • Pride, Discouragement, Blame, Worry, Doubt
  • Hatred, Rage, Stress
  • Desire, Jealousy, Envy
  • Fear, Pain, Suffering
  • Grief
  • Apathy, Lack of Interest, Depression
  • Guilt, Insecurity
  • Shame, Unworthiness, Powerlessness, Despair