Group Healing And Clearing

Emotional Release Demonstration and Energy Session

A powerful session that will teach and help you to release stuck emotions and energies that block your happiness and spiritual growth. It will help you heal in all the dimensions and and clear undesired energies that disrupt your mind, physical and emotional body.

In the first part of the event you will go through an exercise to practice this “energy release” technique. The second part of the event is a guided meditation in which Jorge and Connie will channel the Divine to help you clear emotional and energetic blockages using this technique.

As always, we will be surrounded by the protection and love of the Angels and Archangels. Jorge will open up to the divine energy of Jesus and will channel his energy to elevate the frequency and promote healing and clearing in every member of the audience. At the same time Connie will open up to God’s energy and will channel the energy to clear undesired energies from the audience and in the room.

This session starts with an quick introduction followed by the description of the “energy release” technique and exercise. After that the Healing and Clearing meditation begins.

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What a gift these sessions are. We are so blessed to be able to have these. Thank you both so much!    Eric

One of the most important times of my life. I was there in Sedona.. We all are raw ingredients to make ourselves flow with God’s Love and Healing energy. Jorge’s energy puts aside what your preconceived ideas about what is and is not possible. Its rare to meet a spiritual being of such good will, joyful communication and great harmony. A truly supernatural privilege to enjoy the reality of no separation.   Barry

What gratitude can I show for the opportunity to heal something so seemingly “big” as this in a gorgeous temple of light with shamans so loving and God-centered? Thank you Connie and Jorge.  Words can’t express my gratitude.  I believe I can continue to move forward with such compassion and surety.   Jen