Healing Retreats

Join Divinity For Life for a

Multi-dimensional Healing Retreat

  • Come to heal from within, the physical, emotional and energetic levels
  • Receive Healing energy from Source with Jorge Zafra – pure energy channel, endorsed by Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Clear your energy field from negative energies, and boost it to promote healing*  
  • Learn and address what is preventing your body from achieving Health, and understand the state of your Energy, with an Energy scan of your auric field from channeled from Source provided in the retreat.
  • Heal, remove pain, inflammation and release negative stagnant energy from your body that is causing disease
  • Develop a deeper understanding of Meditation, and learn how to do it effectively to create your Reality
  • Understand and learn how to use the power of meditation for Healing and Manifestation
  • Clear out the confusion about what is your Life purpose, and become more aware about your spiritual path and career
  • Learn how to improve all areas of your life

You will experience and participate in the following activities

  • Group healing and clearing meditations  – You will release negative emotions and elevate your frequency
  • Healing Meditations – You will learn how to use meditation to heal your body
  • Lectures – Co-create your reality, understand energy, and move forward into a new direction
  • Meditations for co-creation – You will learn how to manifest your new reality
  • Wonderful organic food and energy in this retreat, that will nurture your body and spirit

Private Sessions included as part of the retreat

Each participant will receive each of the following:

  • Energy assessment guided channeled from Source to help you understand what’s preventing you achieve complete health and bring light on what’s the root cause of your health issues.to determine if anything is blocking healing, career, finances relationships etc. This assessment will also include a partial physical and an emotional section to empower you to know what to do to heal.
  • Spirit release or Negative entity removal  session* prior to the retreat if required. Each participant will be scanned prior to the retreat and will receive one clearing session free of charge as part of the retreat. The clearing of your energy will help you release any negative energies stuck in your field, and allow you to fully enjoy the retreat, and effectively raise your vibration.
  • 20 min. private session with Medical intuitive Connie Zafra, HHP. Connie will discuss the Energy assessment provided in the retreat, to help you understand the root cause(s) of your health issues. For existing clients we will provide an updated view of your current health  – Private sessions will be performed early mornings or late afternoons, to accommodate all participants.

This unique boutique program accepts only 15 attendees to provide exceptional individual attention

Original BP Coffee and Organic gluten free, grain and dairy free snacks included

Mornings: Original Bullet Proof coffee with Organic grass-fed butter

Organic Lunch included 

Afternoons: Organic coffee, fresh organic fruit and nuts

You will leave refreshed, renewed and vibrating at a higher frequency with a new understanding of life and the energies around us. You’ll go back home empowered with tools to implement lasting changes, that will steer your health and life in the right direction.  You’ll bring balance and health into your life, your body, and soul.

*A private Energy clearing session included (This will be done remotely prior or after the retreat, to clear your energy)

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Price*: $550 per person.

For participants that have already received or have had any of the following sessions as part of the retreat package:
Energy Assessment, Spirit Release, Entity Removal or Soul Retrieval
The correspondent portion will be deducted from the refund.

“Dear Connie & Jorge, Thank you kindly for doing this session for me.  I felt a lot during the session, the love and energy of Jesus, Archangel Rafael and Mother Mary.  I felt a release in my solar plex and some other memories came up.  Again, thank you for your kindness and the pure channel that you both carry.  I look forward to working with you both more as I know I need help to strengthen me on this path.” 

“Connie, I really appreciate this beautiful work, I felt a lot on my end, and I feel amazing right now – amazing work really. I know I cannot do this on my own. So grateful
All through especially the precession of beings that were shown to me, I felt a lot of energy. Afterward, I feel so much more whole, so complete. I feel centered and clear. It’s a big shift!
For the last 5 minutes, I just lay there in reverie, giving thanks for these great and wise beings, and for Connie and Jorge that I have been blessed to have them help me get back on track.

” I have stopped taking 14 medications since our first session. 5 left to go.”

“Connie, I cannot believe you saw the precancerous cells.  I am blown away.  And I cannot wait to heal.  
The whole reason I even contacted you was because of a dream.” 

“Hi Connie and Jorge, I saw you both last Feb for a healing on my hip, back and lump in left breast. No pain in hip or back since, and lump was benign, I believe from the healing. Thank you and have a blessed new year!”

“I just wanted to update you on how my husband is doing. Before you started the healings, he was taking two extra-strength aspirin and a large Tylenol every 4 hours. Yesterday, he helped my son assemble the mower, then he mowed the yard while my son did the weed eating. My husband has not been able to mow our yard for the last three years, because of the pain.  
He normally takes 3-5 dosages of aspirin/Tylenol as mentioned above a day.  This morning he said he was “sore” from the day before. He said the soreness was around the sciatic nerve in his leg. He has had ONE dose of Tylenol/aspirin today. 
This is freaking AMAZING !!!! 
Soooo happy! Thank you, thank you! Can’t wait to see what the next healings bring!!”

Connie and Jorge, “That is incredibly interesting that you saw black “stuff” dropping. I have been smiling all day, loving on God for His miracles! My physical ailments have improved tremendously (for example, the joint pain that is relentless has disappeared and I have been doing stretches that I haven’t been able to do in years).”

“I talked with my mom after her session yesterday and she shared her experience, which I found fascinating. She definitely felt energy around her head at first, then moving throughout her body. She also “saw” nearly every deceased person she’s ever known, including family, friends, and several residence who passed away while she was working as an aid in a few nursing homes, for over a decade, 30-40 years ago. She could feel their release as they went by, one after another, nearly the whole time.”

“Connie, I now have an active cystitis condition according to the doctor. The Holistic Analysis had that on my list of health issues a month ago, when I had my consultation done.”

“I felt the energy very subtly as my four lower chakras seemed to clear and align. I felt three very emotional rushes of different light and then the twitching and muscle spasms and realignments began. I fell asleep in a blissful painless carefree state. When I stood up i felt grounded and like my awareness is much more crisp and focused.”

“I have felt refreshed and renewed all day today. And discouraged from returning to a past that does not serve me well where I stand today.
God Bless you, Jorge and your children!”
“Hi Connie and Jorge,
Thank you, thank you I feel much more open and filled with love.
I experienced many different lights, Ora’s and spirit movement. I feel like I am more approachable and sincerely interested in others. I went to the chiropractor this morning and he said I was different, more happy!”