Healing Services Summary

Pure Source Energy Healing Services

Pure Source Energy Healing

Receive the energy from the Divine, raise your frequency, heal your body and soul and experience life transformation.

Karmic Energy Balancing

Balance energy blocks and promote deep healing at the physical and spiritual levels.

Remote Spirit Release

Eliminate from your self undesirable entities or energies that are causing disruptions in your body and aura.

Remote Dark Force Removal

Eliminate from your body and soul unwanted energies that could draw you to undesirable places.

Remote Soul Retrieval

Deepen your connection to self, your loved ones and the earth.

House Clearing - Remote or On-Site

Remove negative energies from your home that could adversely affect your family unity, thrive and happiness.

Polarity Correction

Bring your body’s polarity to its normal state, and experience the healing energy of Archangel Uriel.