Energy clearing and balancing

Energy Clearing and Balancing

The Energy clearing and balancing session is done remotely. This session helps clear our energy field from any energy disruptors that are causing mental, emotional, physical, financial and relationship issues.  These disruptors can sabotage our state of well being and can contribute to low vibrational emotions and thoughts everyday. Removing these disruptors removes the magnet of negativity that we tend to attract by carrying them.

If you are experiencing recurring negative thought or emotions, energy disruptors may be the cause.

Below are the symptoms normally associated with these energies:

  • Anxiety
  • Recurring feelings of fear, guilt or anger
  • Sleep issues
  • Allergies
  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Negative voices in head
  • Client feels stuck or is lacking clarity
  • Obsession
  • Feeling separation from source
  • Acting out of character
  • Gender confusion
  • Physical illness
  • Relationship issues
  • Money leaks
  • Isolation and feeling non-social
  • Harming others in various and sometimes serious ways
  • dramatic change in appearance
  • demeanor changes
  • sexual aberrations
  • change in moral character
  • different forms of intelligence emerging
  • change in voice
  • clouded consciousness
  • catatonic symptoms
  • epileptic convulsions and foaming
  • anesthesia to pain
  • increased physical strength
  • mental changes, like speaking other languages,
  • suddenly gaining intelligence
  • spiritual viewpoints changing dramatically
  • reactions of fear or anger toward the Divine or Christ
  • claiming negative actions delivered in the name of Christ
  • heavy resistance or unwillingness to participate with healing

It is common for anyone to have disruptions in their energy field. In our practice, we see this issue often. We have also seen that clients that spend time cultivating their inner-self and establishing a connection with the divine, have a positive effect on clearing some of these disruptors. People that tend to be more egocentric and bound to material values, judgmental, having additions or feeling victimized, have a greater amount of energy disruption. People that are sick usually then to have their energy field polluted and unbalanced.

While we go through our lives, we ran into many different experiences that will make us feel different emotions. In many cases, these experiences are not exactly what we are expecting from a situation. The situation turns into something that affect us in a negative way, therefore making us feel sad, angry, guilty, out of control, jealous, unworthy, stressed, frustrated, etc. These emotions as we continue to experiencing them, can cause energy disruptions, therefore changing our thoughts, emotions, expressions and behaviors in a negative way.

People around us tend to be sensitive to these energy disruptors without even knowing it. That sensitivity could lead them to react negatively toward a person that carries these energies. In reality they are reacting to the energy and not to the person.

If you are someone that is usually bound to negative thoughts, behaviors, or is constantly feeling sad, angry, anxious, depressed, betrayed, or frustrated with life, most likely you are experiencing a disruption in your energy or auric field.

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Energy Clearing and Balancing Testimonial

I am almost speechless after our session, more than an hour ago. I just got out of the bed. I have been sobbing for some time. I have many candles lit and one of Jesus and one of the Pope. I was repeating the Lord’s prayer during our session along with the Hail Mary.
The power of this session was profound — as you know. The energy was very very strong and I became one with it and not with my physical body for a brief period of time. It was a massive release and immediately my ears have opened up and my voice is stronger. The ears have been plugged up for about a week and I noticed in church on Christmas eve when singing the carols, that my singing voice was so strained and weakened. I have been out of sorts for a couple of weeks; a bad mood, feeling victimized and needy. Not a pleasant way of functioning at Christmas and with family… I have also become extremely empathetic to almost everything — I felt like I had a high-frequency radio and could tune into the energy of everything. It has been unsettling as I don’t know how to work with it.
The great news is that in the past hour I have begun to feel like myself again, strong and clear!! I am still crying and very tired. Also feel like being in Nature most of all — so I will do that but feeling so much more like “home” again!
Thank you for all that you and the divine blessed ones have facilitated on my behalf. I am so grateful..

I’m deeply grateful for all that you both do and the goodness you bring to this world.