High Frequency Healing

High Frequency Healing

One of the most successful and effective holistic healing services we provide is High Frequency Healing, with Divine energy.

Jorge was given the gift to channel Divine energy through his hands with the purpose of healing. This is not Jorge’s energy, this is Divine energy that he channels via mediation by opening his heart, mind, emotions, soul and by raising his frequency. Jorge does not consider himself a healer. He is a conduit that has the ability to channel this incredible energy. He left the corporate world so that he could focus on serving with this gift, as well as helping people learn to do the same; for anybody is capable of healing themselves by raising their frequency.

Jorge was instructed to work very closely with Archangel Raphael and Jesus. In every healing session, Jorge will call upon Archangel Raphael and Jesus to allow them to channel their powerful healing energy through Jorge’s body for healing. In some cases, Jorge will call upon Archangel Uriel to help clients with issues associated to the brain, nerves, or nervous system.

High Frequency healing is a way to help people elevate their body frequency promoting healing in all dimensions of the body. Jorge just feels love during the healing’s and performs as a conduit of love and divine energy. This divine energy flows within and around Jorge, allowing him to create life with life and to co-create and emulate the divine, providing healing to anybody that is open to receive it.

Jorge has worked with people with different types of cancer, liver issues, brain damage, chronic injuries, back pain, back injuries, sciatica pain, chronic migraines, emotional blocks and emotional issues, depression, PTSD, energy blocks, and fibromyalgia among others; and the results have been remarkable.

There is no guarantee that this energy will cure you, as there is no medical doctor that will guarantee the same thing, but Jorge offers you an incredible option that is 100% worth trying.

These healing’s are not a substitute for medical and or professional advice, but when our options are narrow and there is small hope, something like this could make a big difference.

High Frequency Healing sessions could be done either In-Person or Remote:

In-Person sessions are in most cases, performed at our offices in Sedona, AZ but sometimes they can be conducted in a different location; for example, the client’s home (only if the client is located within the Sedona area). This will depend on the ability of the client to be transported to our offices as well as his/her physical condition at the time the healing is requested.

In Remote sessions, the client will not be required to be on the phone or Skype in order for the healing to be performed. Only a picture of the client will be required as the mean to connect and provide the Divine energy. For this type of healing, the location of the client is irrelevant. The client could be located anywhere in the world and the healing will be as effective as doing it In-Person.

In-Person High Frequency Healing session performed with one channel.

Remote High Frequency Healing session performed by one channel.

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