House and Business Clearing and Blessing – Remote or On-site

House or Business/Workplace Clearing and Blessing - Remote or On-site

Our homes are the sanctuary were we gather alone or as a family, and should feel safe. Our business or workplace is where we spend most of the day, and where we should be the most productive, creative, and should feel positive and able to collaborate well with every one. Throughout the course of our stay in a house, apartment, business, or workplace, we will undergo different events that will transfer different kind of energies to these places. If we are constantly having experiences that bring happiness, joy, excitement, we are transmitting that same energy to our home, business, or workplace, and attracting the positive. At the same time, if we are constantly having any kind of negative emotion such as stress, sadness, anger, frustration, fear, etc. we are transmitting that same energy into these areas. Dramatic episodes inside a house, workplace, or business, can release lots of negative energy. People that argue or fight often, people that are sad or stressed in the home or workplace, will permeate this energy into these areas. These energies will accumulate over time and get stuck in rooms, walls, corners, dark areas, flooring, ceiling, and will persist on those areas if they are not removed. These energies can become stronger as time goes by. At some point the energies can make people experience negative emotions just by working, walking or passing by the area or room.

In many cases with a purchase of an existing home or business, starting a new job, or even moving offices, in which the previous owner, worker, or family experienced frustration, arguments, lack of money, sickness, etc., the new person or family using the area, can be affected by these energies. The home, business or workplace will continue to hold these energies unless they are cleared by someone.

When we walk in to an existing home or business, we are under the influence of any energy contained in the unit or office. Our homes, business or workplace, are energy transmitters that will radiate positive or negative energy into near by homes, businesses or offices. At the same time, other structures near by can affect the area we live or work in. Sometimes the energy that’s influencing our structure or area could come from close areas that aren’t necessarily next to us, but close enough to emanate energy and affect our home, workplace, or business, and the people residing and/or working in the area.

An On-site or Remote House or Business/Workplace Clearing and Blessing session, can eliminate these energies as well as protect your area from neighboring energies. The sessions are very effective, and clients notice an immediate shift in energy in the area, they feel calm and happy.

We will also provide recommendations for ongoing protection in the perimeter of your area. Days before we begin the session, we’ll request a sketch of the house, business, or office, so that we can assess your area and detect possible energy pollution from neighboring areas, which will help us determine the “hot spots”. We will also detect if there is anything around your home, business, or workplace, that is contributing with negative energies that could be affecting your area and yourself.

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Remote House Clearing Testimonial

Thank you God, Virgin Mary and you two for helping us to clear the energies of the house. The house feels much better, we all feel more safe, without fear, I don’t know how to explain it. I can feel the presence of Jesus and Mother Mary in the house, I’m filled with joy and emotion. I feel much more calm after knowing the house is cleared and protected.
Thank you so much for everything. Hugs and thank you again!