Karmic Energy Balancing

By practicing balance within the mind, body, emotions, and spirit one can transform their karma or can limit its creation.

Regardless of which spiritual path you follow, it is important to be in accordance with your higher truth. One must be free of judgment, attachment, anger, ignorance and sloth – for these produce great karma. Practicing mindful awareness will begin to open the door to transforming karma and healing it.

The balance of the universe exists on many realms (physical, mental, emotional, astral, and beyond) and one must not pretend to know the natural course of how another persons karma should play out. People can only take responsibility for their own karma and seek to be the best person they can be. Any form of retribution on another person only creates more karma. Life may not always seem fair, and people often struggle with this idea. It is important to remember that working through karma is one of the greatest teachers of all time. Two people may be dealing with similar experiences however the lessons they reveal may be very different. On the other hand, people with completely different experiences may be dealing with similar lessons. Know that regardless of what is happening to you, it is the gift of the lesson that is important.

Begin to pay attention and have mindful awareness of everything within your control. You cannot always chose what happens to you, but you can choose how you respond. source: http://www.beyondvibration.com

In our practice we see many clients with karmic energy blocks. We set the intention of balancing the karmic energy at the beginning of the session and use the help of thousands of angels to balance this energy in different dimensions.

The process of balancing during an energy healing session allows this block of energy to be balanced, and promotes deep healing at the physical and spiritual levels.

Before we perform any type of energy healing work on a client, we first check the client’s energy. We check for karmic blocks, polarity reversal issues, spirit activity, and whether the session would be helpful to the client.

This allow us to determine the course of action to make the healing session successful.