Soul Retrieval

Although the term soul loss may be unfamiliar to many, examples of it are well known under other names. A beloved spouse, child, or friend dies, and the survivor also “deadens” for a while. We feel as if the light has gone from our existence, as if we are sleepwalking. Or we return from having major surgery and do not feel as if we have come fully out of the anesthesia. A client who had been involved in a serious automobile accident reported feelings of being “spaced out.” A person involved in an abusive intimate relationship may be aware of being locked into destructive patterns but feel too weak and powerless to move away. Or in leaving the relationship, he or she might feel as though something was left behind with the partner.

Some other reasons for Soul loss or fragmentation are: 

  • The soul may leave a child who does not feel loved, or who feels abandoned, by his or her parents.
  • Parent’s continual yelling
  • Physical pain of falling off a bicycle
  • Trauma from a car accident
  • A soul might leave the body to survive physical or sexual abuse 
  • Being sickly as a child or suffering serious or chronic illness can often indicate soul loss
  • Coma is an extreme example of soul loss.
  • When a divorce or death occurs, a period of grief usually ensues. After a while, life resumes some semblance of normality. If a person cannot get over the emotional trauma of separation, a piece of the self could’ve been lost.

In each of the case above, the traumatized person literally escapes to survive the ordeal.

Literature is full of out-of-body experiences in the wake of illness or accident. Less seriously, many of us have had the experience of receiving some jolt, whereby a part of us seemed to spin out of conscious reality for a while. Shock is the word usually used to describe this condition. The reaction is normal and in itself no cause for alarm. But often, for reasons we don’t fully understand, the part of the self that left fails to return. What are the results? “I’m not all here,”

The above are just some examples of why Soul Fragmentation or Soul loss happens.

Some of the symptoms of soul fragmentation are:

  • Feel fragmented in some way or that an essential part of themselves is missing.
  • gap in memory. Having no memory of your life from a young age through through teenage years.
  • A person may recall that there was a trauma but can’t remember the surrounding details.
  • Chronic depression (Often the fragmentation of a person’s essential being keeps him or her from being able to create a path of joy).
  • Life is spent exploring ways, often abusive ways, to get to feelings and experiences that create a sense of purpose, however false.
  • Physical illness can also be a symptom of soul loss. Often when we give away our power we become ill. Because the universe cannot stand a void, if we are missing pieces of ourselves, an illness might fill in that place.
  • Instead of being able to follow the soul’s journey, such a person often feels depressed and unfulfilled.

In some way, most of us experience some degree of soul loss. Some people have been more deeply traumatized by life; they may seem quite “dispirited.” Life has been kinder to others; they may not have needed to protect themselves so completely. Regardless of the degree of trauma, however, most people yearn for a fuller sense of vitality and connectedness to life. Soul retrieval is for everyone who wants to deepen his or her connection to self, to loved ones, to the earth.

Source: Sandra Ingerman - Soul Retrieval

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