Energy Scan – Remote or In Person

Energy Scan Remote or in Person

The Energy Scan uncovers any energy issues happening in your energy or auric field. Most people carry some sort of energetic issue that is affecting a physical or emotional aspect of their lives, as well as financial, relationship, or job related aspects that can’t seem to be improved.

Jorge and Connie meditate with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael to scan and detect energies in your body. They’ll gather important information that will help you understand what is happening in your body and life, and the reason of your current issues.

The Energy Scan can be done remotely and emailed to you, or you can come to our office to discuss the results.

The Energy Scan will also provide a plan that outlines what you need to do to effectively heal your physical body as well as any aspect of your life. This plan is completely guided from Archangel Raphael. You have the option to work with us based on the plan recommendations, or with some other practitioner that you may know.

The provided information in the scan will help you tremendously to determine how to address your issues, and to avoid seeing numerous practitioners without effective results.

Pay for your Scan now by clicking on the button on the right, and it will be emailed to you within 48 hrs.

Energy Scan Remote Comments

Wow, this is so interesting and resonates with my experiences and intuition.
I feel like I may have picked up some negative entities on my recent trip 3 weeks ago. I haven’t been feeling myself including not in control of my body.
And the Soul Fragmentation is not surprising, I feel it’s been my experience since birth.
I definitely want to follow the guided recommendations.
Thank you!