The Six Priorities in Life that God Wants Us to Live By

Channeled by Jorge Zafra from the Divine

Food – Feed Our Body

Every day, we need to feed our bodies with good food and minimize eating processed foods. Our planet provides us with a vast variety of food and water that has all the nutrients we need to feed ourselves and promote health and healing in our bodies. Our planet offers us the perfect menu, the greatest feast and the most amazing buffet. It is fine to eat pizza, burgers and desserts, but we need to minimize these options and expand to healthy choices that really feed and heal our bodies.

Exercise – Cultivate Our body

At least every other day, we need to exercise to promote health in our bodies. Whether is walking, jogging, running, team sports, etc., our body requires certain level of motion and exercise to help us be strong, healthy and promote youth. Exercising is a very important part to keep us going every single day, which also helps us liberate stress. Our Creator wants us to have a strong and healthy body ready for the challenges in life.

Job – Provide for Ourselves and Our Family

We created a monetary system, therefore we need it to be able to buy different goods that bring us comfort. Money is not a substitute of happiness and success. Money is just the media to buy things. Our role is to have a job on which we can serve and earn money that in exchange will bring us satisfaction. When we spend our money, we need to do it wisely, by donating to good causes to help others and to purchase the items that we really need.

Fun – Enjoy Lives with Happiness, Joy and Excitement

Every single day, we need to live our lives full of excitement, filled with joy and happiness, completely convinced that there is no other way to live. Excitement brings us emotions that make us vibrate high and that help us maintain a high elevated state, on which we emanate love, happiness, joy, inspiration, amusement, serenity, compassion to ourselves and all the people around us. It is in this state where we are at our best and we see and experience life in a different way. It brings us an enormous amount of hope that releases stress and help us feel thankful for who we are.

Spiritual Growth – Cultivate and Strengthen Our Relationship with God

Every day of our life, we need to make the effort to surrender to our Creator and let him conquer our hearts, and allow him to rule our lives. By doing this, he will take us into a journey of transformation. Ourselves and our lives will change and improve. He will show us the way, the path to follow every day, and sprinkle blessings to us every single day. The most beautiful thing about this, is that the more we do it, the more blessings we receive. This work will strengthen our connection to our Creator and will teach us the way to give him the control of our entire life. It will open ourselves to unlimited possibilities that will change our life and our individuality.

Rest – Let Our Body Recover

Each day our bodies need to rest. To be able to eat, exercise, work, have fun, and cultivate our relationship with God, our body needs to recover from everything that we did the previous day. Good rest brings us youth and the energy to create.