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Congratulations for looking beyond conventional medicine, and welcome to Divinity for Life. Please read on if you feel the information presented resonates with you.

I specialize in chronic disease, weight issues, fibromyalgia, toxicity issues, thyroid and adrenal issues, metabolic syndrome and digestive issues in men and women. I also work with children with ADD/ADHD, Autism and with health issues that prevent them from doing their best in school.

I use a combination of techniques that has allowed me to create what I call Intuitive Holistic Health, which is comprised primarily of the Intuitive Divine guidance I receive, which allows me to know exactly what is happening in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. This information provides me very detailed picture that allows me to know what exactly you need to heal. I receive detailed information about all the different systems of the body (endocrine, circulatory, digestive, immune, lymphatic, skeletal, etc.) among many other things, and what is required to bring them back to homeostasis.

There is no nutritional program out there, that offers such a complete holistic view of a person’s health.

Having this complete view, helps me understand what’s happening in the dimensions of the body, and allows me to create a personalized plan that’s focused on addressing the root cause of the health issue(s), that is preventing you to attain complete health and a healthy weight.

Food is God’s gift to heal our bodies, there is a reason why natural foods contain so many nutrients, enzymes, cancer fighting compounds and minerals just to name a few. Combining the right micro nutrients at the right time during the day and a positive attitude towards life, can help us fight disease. Very often we still need high quality supplementation of natural and critical compounds, and sessions that allow the energy of the body to be back to normal in order to heal. Depending on the severity of the health issue, food changes may not be enough to achieve complete health.

One of the main reasons why I started learning and gaining experience in receiving Divine guidance with regards to my client’s health issues, was because I realized that our higher selves and the Universal energies/God have all the wisdom that we are looking for to understand what’s wrong with our bodies energetically, physically and emotionally. By focusing on addressing these issues we are able to heal from the root. This wonderful guidance has allowed me to create very customized, effective and detailed protocols for each of my clients. The results are outstanding and they start happening very early in the program, because we’re addressing the root cause of the health issue. The analysis and protocol are very detailed, and they include things such as all health issues detected in the body, including energetic and emotional issues, lifestyle and dietary changes, the main root cause of the health issues, foods that are harming to your unique body as well as foods that heal your unique body, a completely Guided Protocol that shows you what to do to heal,  energy balancing exercises and recommended supplements if required. There’s an optional section of the protocol called “Life Purpose”. My clients love this section as it brings clarity as far as understanding their purpose in life, emotional relief and a sense of belonging and hope. All this specifically created using and honoring the divine guidance received.

I do meditate to receive guidance about the health for each of my clients in every session. The protocol is adjusted as we move along the program if required.

My clients and I work together to improve different aspects of health and life through nutrition, relationships and lifestyle changes in general. Based on the information I channeled and when necessary, I use stimulant-free herbs, non-addictive supplements and essential oils as part of the program. I use different techniques within the Intuitive Holistic Health program to help the body respond appropriately and safely to weight loss, stress reduction, thyroid or adrenal disorders, digestive issues, fungus and blood sugar issues and toxicity. I also provide a program for faster recovery from surgery and overall body healing.

I help and teach my clients to use their intuition combined with the analytical mind to explore and understand what the body and soul is craving for, and being able to live a balanced, energetic and fulfilling life.

My clients are still able to enjoy foods they like, and improve their health dramatically following this program.

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Connie Zafra, HHP.


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

Connie Zafra
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Medical intuitive serves clients nationally and internationally.
Her unique background, passion and combination of nutritional science with the health information she channels from Source, allows her clients to attain health and weight loss in a very effective and sustainable way. Her commitment to bring complete health, and not just address symptoms is what differentiates her practice from conventional nutrition and medicine.

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