There are so many ways to detox the body. Detox has become such a big market for companies trying to sell detox formulas, pills, drinks, etc. But the true nature of detoxing the body is to remove toxins and cleanse the body tissues from organs, skin, muscles, etc. My personal opinion based on years of performing different fasts, is that the best and only way to truly accomplish detoxification is by either fasting or using whole foods to perform a partial fast, or cleanse with raw vegetables and little fruit. If you are interested on ridding the body of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic hormones and other toxins in general, we can help you and guide you throughout the entire detoxification process.

I personally have done many many detox protocols myself for the past 15 years, so I know from trial and error which ones are the ones most gentle on the body. A lot of them can cause excessive stress, and defeat the whole purpose of detoxification.

I meditate and receive guidance to determine if a detox protocol is good for you, and which one is the best suited for your health needs. This way there are no side effects, and you can rest assured that whatever detox protocol the guidance recommends, will be extremely successful and will improve your health.


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