Intuitive Holistic Analysis and Consultation

Are you wondering if there is someone who can help you?

This is the place for you, if you:

  • have seen numerous health care practitioners and you still struggle with lack of energy or different health issues
  • have been told you have to take medicine for the rest of your life
  • feel stressed, anxious, depressed or sad and don’t know how to get out of that state
  • have been wanting to lose weight for a long time, tried every diet out there with little or no success
  • lack energy and focus to do the things you used to love doing
  • have been told by Health care practitioners you have a disease that can’t be cured, only controlled
  • have been told that because of your age it’s normal to have pain and gain weight, so you have given up on the idea of being slender and healthy like when you were younger.
  • need help understanding how to improve your lifestyle, food, spirit, mind, and body to live happier and with peace.
  • have been told by Health care practitioners there’s nothing wrong with you, and that you just need to exercise to lose weight, yet the weight doesn’t come off.
  • feel there is something wrong with your health
  • lack a sense of purpose or don’t have clarity about your mission or where to go at this point in your life
  • are ready to receive information from Source about your health, and learn how to heal your body and have control over your own health.

The comprehensive Full Holistic Analysis and Consultation is not your ordinary doctor visit. It will show any issues that are disrupting your body and energy. This includes things such as issues with any of the different Systems of the body (endocrine, circulatory, digestive, immune, lymphatic, etc.), Organ function and fatigue, Fungi infections and other microbial infections, Hormone, Thyroid and other glandular imbalances, Heavy metals and other environmental toxins, Emotional blocks and imbalances, among many other things.

This Holistic Analysis and Consultation will surface the root cause of your health issues that most practitioners are unable to detect. Many times it is a combination of physical and energetic causes.

The Holistic analysis also includes an Energy section, that will show any energetic issues that are disrupting your energy field, most of the times these energies block health, relationships, finances, etc. This will include things such as Spirit activity, dark forces, karmic blocks, etc.

A lot of times conventional or alternative healing is not effective because of the energy disruptors we carry, these will show up in the Analysis if you have any. Energy disruptions would need to be addressed first, before a Pure source healing session can be performed.

The Holistic Analysis also includes a plan that we receive from Jesus and Archangel Raphael as far as the type and number of sessions you would need to heal and how far apart. It also includes the cost for each session you would need to heal effectively once and for all.

Connie Zafra will need to know what prescription medicines you currently take, vitamins and supplements you currently take. We will send a health history form once you confirm your appointment.

This analysis is the best way  to understand and create an effective plan to address any health issues or blockages in all dimensions of the body. Source knows better than anyone what is wrong with our physical, energetic and emotional bodies and how you can heal. The analysis is completely guided by Source through Jesus and Archangel Raphael.

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Disease tells a story of yourself and your life

Connie Zafra
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and Medical intuitive, serves clients nationally and internationally.

Connie Zafra HHP, uses a combination of techniques that has allowed her to create what she calls Intuitive Holistic Analysis and Consultation. This analysis is comprised primarily of the Divine channeled information she receives from Source via Archangel Raphael. This allows her to know what is happening in the body physically, emotionally and energetically (a lot of this information is undetected by health practitioners). This detailed information allows Connie to know what exactly is what you need to heal.

By using primarily the vast amount of channeled health information she receives, combined with her Nutritional knowledge, she is able to help you understand what is happening in the body and what to do to finally heal for good.