A large percentage of the clients we see, either remotely or in our office have mold issues and are completely unaware of it. A lot of times clients are living in a moldy environment for years without even knowing it, sometimes their homes and work offices are clean of mold, but their bodies still have biotoxins from mold spores they inhaled for years, or obtained from places or foods they consumed in the past.

I cannot stress enough how critical is to remove mold from your environment, and from your body.

In my practice I’m able to identify mold toxicity by channeling health information from source. This is a very effective way to determine what is happening in the body, and avoids expensive tests as the information I receive will tell me what systems, glands and organs are affected by mold as well as what hormones are being affected.

I suffered from mold toxicity myself, many symptoms can surface that may look like some other health issues. I know from experience it’s not an easy task to get rid of mold, but it is possible. The most important thing is to identify it, and then let the guidance tell us what’s the best way to address it.

I’m blessed that I have the wonderful help, knowledge and guidance from the best doctors I know, God, Jesus and Archangel Raphael. Without their guidance, it would have been extremely difficult for me and my family to recover from mold. We didn’t have the need to run any tests because Archangel Raphael told us exactly what was happening in our bodies, what health issues each of us were experiencing, and what was the best protocol to follow to rid our bodies from mold and mycotoxins. Surprisingly the protocol was slightly different for each one of us, we all experienced different symptoms, I was the most affected by it.

I can offer the same divine guidance and an effective recovery protocol to you. I channel very detailed health information from Archangel Raphael. Archangel Raphael tells me what systems of the body are compromised, what organs, hormones and glands are affected, which areas of the body have mold, whether there are underlying infections, parasites, blood issues, leaky gut, additional toxicity of any kind, fungi, digestive issues, bacterial overgrowth, etc.

Archangel Raphael also shows me what lifestyle and dietary changes you would have to make to heal faster. He shows me what needs to be included in the protocol to get rid of the mold/biotoxins.  He also tells me how your body looks energetically and emotionally, whether Pure Source energy healing would help you, and what additional changes he recommends in these areas as well.

If you would like to find out if you have mold or other type of fungi, a Holistic Health analysis and Consultation is the best and quickest way to understand what is happening inside your body. Feel free to contact us to schedule your consultation.

You’ll save money and time avoiding tests and diagnosis, and will get started right away on healing your body from this toxic and debilitating health issue.

Connie Zafra, HHP.