Weight loss session

Are you wondering if there’s someone who can help you?

This is the place for you, if you:

  • have seen numerous health care practitioners and you still struggle with numerous health and weight issues
  • have been wanting to lose weight for a long time, tried every diet and supplement out there with little or no success
  • have tried all kinds of exercise, and the weight doesn’t come off
  • have tried to detox and your weight goes back up after the detox
  • are open to receive physical, emotional and energetic information, specifically channeled for you from the Divine or Source, to heal your body and have control over your weight and your health.

Being overweight is a usually a symptom of some other underlying issue or issues. Sometimes is energetic, emotional, digestive, hormonal; a lot of times there’s a suppressed immune system, fungi, infections, toxicity or a combination of these happening in the body, plus a lack of knowledge about what foods affect our bodies in a positive or negative way. Everybody is different; a food that is good and nurturing for one person, is not necessarily good for another. Stress and Energetic issues also play a big role in weight gain. They need to be addressed, and managed to avoid binge eating episodes, hormonal and blood sugar imbalances, unexplained weight gain, and many other side effects that are caused by these issues.

If you’ve tried many different diets, eaten healthfully, and exercise, yet it takes a huge effort to lose a single pound. If doctors keep telling you there’s nothing wrong with you yet you feel tired, with inflammation. Or if you feel frustrated or depressed because you are overweight, I can help you. I use what I call Intuitive Holistic Health.

There are many factors that affect weight gain and most of the time my clients are unaware there are underlying issues a lot of times undetected by practitioners, that prevent the weight from coming off.

A single infection sometimes can be the single root cause of experiencing weight gain issues for years or decades.

The Divine information I receive while I meditate for you prior to your session, is extremely accurate and allows me to understand exactly what’s happening inside your body and what are the changes and natural medicine required to heal and bring the weight to healthy levels. This channeled information combined with my nutritional knowledge allows me to create a very personalized and detailed protocol for your body to heal, become balanced, and start loosing weight in a very short time.

We will …

  • Review and go over the protocol created based on the Divine guidance received
  • Analyze and understand the health issues detected by this guidance
  • Prioritize and focus on the most important health issues in addition to the ones that will help with weight loss
  • Look at your digestive health and correct it if necessary
  • Explore and address any energetic and emotional issues
  • Address any issues with any affected organ
  • Balance your hormones if required
  • Address any glandular (thyroid, adrenal, hypothalamus, etc.)symptoms if present, that could prevent weight loss
  • Reduce stress and learn how to manage it in difficult situations
  • Reduce inflammation and toxicity
  • Address these health issues and incorporate lifestyle changes that support resolving them

I have helped many people become aware and address the underlying health and emotional problem(s) that prevented their weight from coming off. After this happens, they are able to lose weight and get their life under control.

Once the root cause(s) has been addressed, the weight comes off very easily without dieting but with healthy lifestyle changes, that may include healthy food choices and supplementation, but would not deprive you from eating what you want and like. I’m here to help you find the way to get your life back and your weight under control for the long term, and stop the vicious cycle of dieting, extreme exercise and weight loss supplements.

Contact us if you are ready to try and see what this wonderful Intuitive weight loss program with this incredible divine guidance can do for your health and body. If you’re ready to stop feeling depressed and helpless about your weight issues, and are serious to do something about your weight, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Connie Zafra, HHP.

Schedule your appointment today, or ask for a 10 min. Free session, and get started to change your life in a holistic way.

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Connie Zafra
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Medical intuitive, serves clients nationally and internationally.
Her unique background, passion and combination of nutritional science with the health information she channels from Source, allows her clients to attain health and weight loss in a very effective and sustainable way. Her commitment to bring complete health, and not just address symptoms is what differentiates her practice from conventional nutrition and medicine.

Weight problems can be caused by many different issues: energetic, emotional or stress related, digestive, toxic, inflammatory, or by many other undetected health issues. The Intuitive Holistic analysis and protocol helps surface the root cause(s) of your weight issues, and addresses the health and weight problems at the source.