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Holistic Services

Energy Scan Remote or In Person

An evaluation of the current state of your aura to determine the presence of undesired energies as well as energetic and health issues.

Full Holistic Analysis

A 360 degree view of your health containing information coming from the Divine disclosing any issues that are disrupting your body and energy, such as organ and glandular function, hormonal issues, toxins, energetic issues and many other health issues that most times have been undetected for years or decades.

Full Holistic Protocol

Once a Full Holistic Analysis has been done to understand what is happening in your body, a holistic medicinal, lifestyle and dietary protocol will repair and heal your body in all dimensions. All the information, medicine and recommendations in the protocol are coming from Source through Archangel Raphael’s infinite wisdom on healing.

Holistic Protocol Update

This is a consultation to update your current Holistic Protocol based on Divine guidance, and continue your healing process.


Pay for your supplements or medicine based on your current holistic protocol.

Energy Services

Pure Source Energy Healing Remote or In Person

A healing session to receive the energy from the Divine to raise your frequency and heal your body, soul and life.

Remote Spirit Release

A session to release human souls that are causing disruptions in your body and aura.

Remote Dark Force Removal

A session to eliminate from your self undesirable entities or energies that are causing disruptions in your body and aura.

Remote Soul Retrieval

A session to deepen your connection to self, your loved ones and the earth.

House Clearing - Remote or On-Site

A session to remove negative energies from your home that could adversely affect your family unity, thrive and happiness.

Angelic Guidance Services

Ask The Angels

Get divine guidance on how to better deal with personal situations, your current job, your family, your behavior, your habits, etc.

Spiritual Counseling - Remote or In Person

A session to help you understand the phase or phases you are currently going through in life and obtain the messages that you need to hear to move forward in life.

Remote Home Mold Detection

Understand if your home is a source of mold and be aware of all the locations where mold is growing in your home.

Events and Retreats

Group Healing

@ Sedona Creative Life Center. A session on which Jorge and Connie will use a similar but more powerful approach to channel divine energy to multiple people simultaneously to help them heal, elevate their body frequency and eliminate unwanted energies.

Multi-Dimensional Healing Retreat

A retreat in which you will receive healing and clearing energy to vibrate at a higher frequency promoting physical and spiritual healing. You will leave refreshed, renewed with a new understanding of life and the energies around us. Empowered with tools to implement lasting changes, that will steer your health and life in the right direction.  You’ll bring balance and health into your life, your body, and soul.

Healing Ceremonies

Join us for a day of powerful healing – An opening Sacred Native American and Christian Ceremony, followed by a grounding and clearing meditation w/ Connie Zafra, and amazing channeling of Christ and Archangel Raphael’s energy with Jorge Zafra. Contact us for details and pricing.

Other Services

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