Exposing your body to the sun has amazing health benefits, it can help improve skin disorders and vitamin D production among many other benefits. On the spiritual and emotional side, the sun has incredible benefits as well.  One of them is improving our mood, but the main one for me is the fact that it helps us cleanse our energy field. When our energy field is clear, our mood, our emotions, and thoughts are more positive.

Last summer, after helping a client during a session, I went into a very dark state. I’m usually a very happy person, but for some reason I felt really bad and sad, my mind was sort of blocked. I couldn’t think of anything that I usually recommend our clients to do in this type of situations. I was sitting and feeling horrible, all of the sudden I hear the voice of the Divine telling me to go outside. You know when God is talking to you. The voice is indistinguishable, is if like your entire being is receiving the message in a very clear, loving but also commanding way. I immediately went outside, the voice said “look at the sun”. I was afraid to do so as I was told from a young age that the sun can damage your eyes. The voice then said: “don’t be afraid, the sun doesn’t hurt your eyes, the light of the sun is part of my light”. I then looked straight at the sun for about 5 seconds and felt the most amazing energy bathing my body, I felt an incredible amount of peace, wholeness, and happiness. The Divine told me to say the words I wrote below, so I did. The lifting effect was instantaneous. I was back to my self again, the dark cloud left me in that moment. Since then, I look straight at the sun every single day, and I thank God for our wonderful sun, and this wonderful teaching. My goal is to share this exercise with all of you, and hope you benefit from it the way I did. It only take 3 minutes or less to do it, Enjoy!

This exercise helps release dark energies, and elevate our frequency during the day.

Channeled by Connie Zafra from the Divine

1. Go outside during daylight. Go to your patio, deck, driveway, or just take a walk outside your home or office building

2. Once outside, gaze at the sun for 3 seconds. If it’s cloudy, locate the brightest spot on the sky

3. Look slightly down and feel the light of the sun bathing your face and body

4. Open up your eyes and look directly into the sun for a couple of seconds (the sun doesn’t hurt our eyes, the Divine created it for us to cleanse)

Check with your doctor if you have eye problems)

Say the following:

5. I release all my sadness, anger, frustration, guilt and all negative emotions from my mind, my heart, my soul and physical body, in my name <state your name>, and in the name of God

6. I send these energies to Mother Earth to be transmuted into light.

7. I fill my entire body and soul with the love and light of the Divine.

Do this exercise every day to continue to release negative energies, and raise your vibration!