Dear Jorge,

The healing you gave me is truly amazing. I have been feeling much more energetic, lighter, more hopeful and very, very grateful. This sweet sense of light and renewal has continued steadily over the days since and I feel almost certain that it will integrate into new energy levels going forward.

It has long been my hope to truly open my heart and find a way out of the maze of a sadness and depression that has persisted for most of my life. I have tried many things over the years and your work has been most significant in helping me to move forward towards this goal. You have helped release me from a darkness that I have not been able to shake or move on my own or with other healers.

Thank you from deep in my heart, Jorge, for the genuine and powerful work you do. I am flooded with happiness and hope and deep gratitude. I am very much looking forward to meeting you and Connie and experiencing the Healing Ceremony in May. It is a true honor to be included in this sacred ceremony and I want to thank you deeply for making this space available to me.

Heartfelt love and blessings,