I have a story to share about a Healing Miracle that has Blessed our family via two beings of Light, Connie and Jorge that work closely with the Masters and Archangels to relieve the pain and suffering of mankind. My husband became critically ill four years ago, with difficulty breathing. He was admitted to the hospital and baffled the physicians as they could not find the cause of this sudden life threatening onset. He was treated with a massive dose of steroids and a lung biopsy which revealed severe lung damage and the prognosis was bleak. As we are both in the Medical field, my husband is a Surgeon and I am a Nurse, yet this was our first encounter being receivers rather than givers of care. His illness continued to progress leaving him oxygen dependent with severe and debilitating joint and muscle pain and wasting as well as many more symptoms. We continued our search for solutions attending top Medical Institutions finally given a diagnosis of Auto Immune and the best they hoped to offer was to prevent the condition getting worse. The only solution available for his overactive Immune System, that was supposedly attacking him, was a Chemo Drug every six months We refused to accept this diagnosis and deep within knew there was a reason. It just did not make sense that the body would suddenly start attacking itself. The body will fight to the bitter end for us in spite of what it has to endure. Our long journey to finding a solution began. Throughout the whole process we knew that, “God is in Action” though that did not make the process easier, but we Trusted him with all our heart. We were forced to close our Practice in N.Y. and were guided to Sedona. We were guided to Connie and Jorge six months ago when his health was progressively deteriorating. They were truly a gift from Heaven and our hope was again renewed. We trusted them totally and knew in our heart this was the end of searching. Connie connected with the Archangels who said a fungi was the catalyst and there were also a host of pathogens due to prolonged Immune Suppression drugs. Both Connie and Jorge worked fearlessly and tirelessly on a physical and energetic level. Connie is a Master at removing any dark energies that impede healing and George fills those spaces with a brilliant Source healing energy. Connie also channels amazing supplement protocols. They work so perfectly in unison with each other. The journey got much more difficult before it got better due to the detoxification process and massive die off of pathogens with relentless fevers. It was during this phase they were AMAZING always trusting the process and the advice from the Archangels. Many times our Trust and Faith would falter but an email to Connie and a check in with the Heavenly Realm we soldered on with renewed resolve. As a Practitioner I KNOW how difficult it is to stay Fearless when your Patient is outwardly getting worse. Many nights I lay in bed beside him and Pray for Strength and Trust in the Divine, using the violet flame. Archangel Raphael told Connie that he would heal and we would have a good life together, so I just hold on to that vision with everything I have. He has made so much progress six months later, absolutely no joint pain, energy much improved and oxygen requirement decreasing. We continuously send LOVE and Gratitude to the Heavenly Realm, Connie and Jorge and ourselves for staying the course when it looked like this storm would never pass. I would like to end with the words of Edgar Cayce who also helped millions through his channeling from the Heavens. “Keep the Physical fit that the physical may manifest….for through the physical other physical beings’ benefit from our presence in their lives” (294-7) “Make the body fit for the Channel first! Then the spiritual may have the opportunity to manifest through. The physical must be fit and then the spiritual forces may manifest the better” (295-3)