Thanks to Connie and Jorge, I feel more aware of the spiritual wonders that we all are part of. I feel protected and secure having Connie and Jorge as mentors in my spiritual journey, because what they do comes from their heart and pure intention of helping you reach inner growth.

In all of their services I have received, such as Intuitive Health Protocols, Healing Services or Sacred Healing Ceremonies, they conduct these services with the most pure intention of helping you heal, learn, and grow, so that you can reach your personal goals, while using the best products and teachings available. Connie and Jorge’s dedication and pure love for their work is an inspiration to follow their example, and to help others feel as good as you feel after working with them. This elevated emotion of happiness and joy ensures that you are in the right path of your spiritual journey.

Thank you Connie and Jorge for being such sweet and pure spiritual mentors who always work from the heart. God bless you for the amazing job you are doing in this time and space.