Pure Source Energy Healing for Hydrocephaly, Non-functioning liver, Deformed spine.

“The blessed day I first encountered Connie and Jorge Zafra is a day for which I will ever be grateful. I was walking my precious little dog, Bitsy, and anyone seeing the way she walks would immediately know that something is not quite right. My new neighbors, Connie and Jorge, recognized a wee creature in need. I explained to them the severity of her condition… hydrocephaly, non-functioning liver, deformed spine, deformed back legs, and splayed front legs. I told them she was a miracle dog that was only supposed to live a few weeks at the most from birth, and was now 2 ½ years old! She had been given a ‘surge’ of renewed strength a few months back from a very gifted healer in town, but now things were slowing down for my precious pup. Connie and Jorge listened with interest and offered to use their method of vibrational healing on her. I, of course, said yes through my tears of gratitude. I didn’t know if anything could help her, but was grateful for their caring concern. The morning after they worked with her, a friend came over to visit with her large dog. Bitsy immediately started that little ‘puppy dance’, the one that dogs do that says ‘come play with me’ – and a dance which she had never before done in her entire life. I was in awe watching her. I then confided my own health issues, the severity of which stopped me from my speaking and workshop career a few years ago. Connie and Jorge performed their technique on me. During the session I experienced a surge of determination that I was to go back to my purpose, life wasn’t through with me yet, I had work to do. I continue to feel the energy and strength as I prepare to launch back into my life, thanks to the gifted and dedicated healers, Connie and Jorge Zafra.”