Many things exist in the world that have the power to help us remember and find our divine balance and connection. Connie and Jorge are truly masters at helping people of all walks to find that balance to heal what medicine and society deem helpless causes. Before I met Connie and Jorge my health was beyond modern medicines help. In the year I have worked with them I have not only gone back to work but my entire life has changed in profound and deeply humbling ways. The power for our own healing is within each of us. I have taken my parents and closest friend to the sacred ceremony and have watched in the time that has passed keenly as each of them have embraced their own awakening and journey. Energies exist all around us that we can’t see. They impact our lives and often when these are not balanced energies their effects can impact our lives in negative ways if not addressed and faced. Connie and Jorge have the experience and divine guidance to gently and lovingly offer ways to repair the effects of imbalances on multi dimensional levels. If you are reading this then there is a reason you are here and I offer my own testimony that there is healing and hope to he found here with Connie and Jorge. May God light your journey and the angels clear your path.